Life At CommerceX

Simran Jit Singh – Shares how it is like to work at CommerceX



” My journey started Strangely when Akash convinced me to join CommerceX, and trust me, there have been no regrets, and that decision was one of the most influential decisions of my life.

The Founders gave me opportunities to perform at different levels and to learn by giving first-hand experience in digital marketing, giving client accounts and teaching me various aspects of digital marketing. These guys breathe E-commerce Marketing, and to work with them, is a pure delicacy.

The journey has been so far one of the best days of my career, till now and still, there is a lot to learn and absorb from the Founders. The work Culture encourages everyone to be accountable, Learn, and Grow continuously, which is not the case with most of the companies where your growth become stagnant at some point.

I am sure the experience I am currently having and the level and quality of work that’s given to me, is surely going to help me build a strong foundation of my career

From working late nights to partying, the life at CommerceX is a continuous motion of being a better self from the previous day. It’s been five months now and doesn’t feel like it, The time has passed so fast, maybe Because I enjoyed working here so much that I have lost track, and I would like it to be that way only”


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